About Clued Up Kids

  • Phil Affleck

    Managing Director

    Phil was a member of the senior management team that created the most successful commercial radio station in the UK.

    During the development of the Clued Up Kids project Phil provides creative and thought leadership.

    Phil also has a background in social marketing and has spoken at a number of social marketing conferences on behavioural change. He has designed highly-effective campaigns in challenging communities for the last 17 years including developing the creative concept for the national adult literacy and modern apprenticeships campaign which realised 54% of the enquiries using just 10% of the marketing budget.

    Phil is a father of three, is a PTA Chair and a first school trustee, he also volunteers at a first school to offer reading support to students that may potentially benefit from additional one to one tuition.

  • Laura Bernardelli

    Operations Director

    Laura is a mum of two teenagers, and has vast experience of working with children from all social backgrounds during the past 20 years as a dance teacher.

    Her forte is confidence building and specialises in helping and encouraging children with special needs to enjoy movement and the freedom it brings. Laura has always been interested in a healthy lifestyle, this brings vast knowledge of diet and exercise. She is a keen runner, walker and gym member who loves the outdoors.

    Laura also has a long history of working in the hospitality trade, as a company director she dealt specifically with finances and HR.

    During the development of the clued up kids project Laura provides organisational expertise and creative assistance to Phil. She has an analytical approach to projects and has vast experience in the organisation of multi stakeholder events and campaigns.

  • Robert Webb

    Development Director

    Robert started his career in secondary education teaching English and Drama. He left to set up a cooperative language school and over the last 30 years he has been responsible for founding and managing several cooperative, social enterprise and mainstream businesses. He is a founder and director of Janet Plater Management, the North East’s leading Actors Agency.

    He has also worked on a number of enterprise projects in schools in South Tyneside, North Tyneside and Newcastle.

    Throughout his career, Robert has specialised in developing and managing social enterprise support programmes working closely with Local Authorities, Schools, Voluntary Sector organisations and the Private Sector. A key component of this work has been community and stakeholder consultation using face-to-face interactive methodologies

    In Clued Up Kids, Robert is responsible for research and development and service design.

  • Phillipa Davies

    Presenting Team

    Philippa, a Mum of two, has over 15 years of experience of designing and delivering workshops within schools and businesses. Throughout her career she has worked in over 70 schools across the region and devised programmes which challenge stereotypes and raise the aspirations and self-esteem of young people. Philippa also works extensively for Newcastle University Medical School as both a facilitator and role play actor. The sessions include basic communication, breaking bad news and dealing with difficult and aggressive patients. Alongside her work within education Philippa also works with businesses to improve their customer service and communication, and with professionals to develop their presentation skills. As a trained actor Philippa is able to use her performance skills to engage and inspire her audiences.

  • Rose Marie Cardozo

    Nutrition specialist

    I'm a mum of 3 (2 teenagers and a 6 year old) and have been living in the UK for 16 years. I was born and educated in Paraguay.

    I'm a trained medical doctor, but since having children have worked around them always concentrating on health and nutrition. In 2006-2007 I completed a Master's degree in Nutrition and Psychological Sciences at Northumbria University. My thesis/dissertation was about schoolchildren's eating behaviours and the effect parents feeding styles have on children's weight and health in general. I worked doing some teaching/lecturing in Sports Sciences at Northumbria University. My areas of interest continue to be in health nutrition and active lifestyle in children, as well as healthy eating habits in teenagers.