Clued Up Parents

Clued Up Kids delivers programmes in schools to engage students in exploring significant issues that affect their health and well-being such as obesity, bullying and homophobia.

Downloadable Resources

  • fa-file-pdf-oUnderstanding Bullying

    Bullying is when someone intimidates or causes harm to another person on purpose. The victims of bullying can be verbally, physically or emotionally assaulted and are often threatened and made to feel frightened.

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  • fa-file-pdf-oWays to keep kids at a healthy weight

    If your child is at a healthy weight now, you may wonder what you can do to help them maintain it.

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  • fa-file-pdf-oBreaking kids' bad habits

    More than a quarter of children in the UK are overweight or obese – 26% of boys and 29% of girls.

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